Color Improvisations II- Part 2

Old friends new friends
When the exhibit opening was over many of us felt a bit of a let down. For me this was reversed by a visit  from an ex-intern at Grafik who I had not seen in about 10-15 years.

 Ziska- what a light she is. Welcoming. Exuberant. Interested. Warm. All of these and so much more. Along with Robin Fan and her two charming daughters the four of us took Hamburg by storm. Even though we only had a half day we had a blast and were able to get a pretty good sense of Hamburg. Ziska was a wonderful tour guide and even though she is from Munich she was able to navigate the winding streets. I would like to spend some more time investigating this city which has magnificent brick work. Max would love it.
The Hamburg harbor

The Hamburg harbor
It was a pleasure spending time with Robin and her two daughters. They were so funny and polite and interesting and the four of us all acted like we had known each other for years and not just through stories.

Entrance to an underground tunnel for pedestrians, cars and bikes under the harbor

Enormous 4 story open elevator taking you down to the tunnel

The underground tunnel

Fabulous tile work inside the tunnel

So, am I glad that I went? Absolutely. I am also glad that I did not stay for the tour. I so enjoyed talking to people one on one but after while traveling in a herd would get to me even if I really like all the people. I found Germany much easier to adapt to than I had thought- or feared. People were friendly and helpful and their readiness to help the ongoing migrant situation is really admirable. I admit that driving on the bus the first day to Neumunster it was hard to keep thinking about what happened in the fields so long ago and I had a few involuntary shudders seeing smokestacks for the first time. But that quickly disappeared and I feel along with it some of my prejudices dissolved.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was not too nervous that Dave was not by my side doing all the translation. Many of the people that I encountered did not speak English but I was able to navigate around that.
Stain glass window in the Neumunster city hall

These events are important landmarks that are important to celebrate. But they are also so fleeting. The takeaway is that I can not work solely for these shows or openings. There has to be more satisfaction in actually producing the art so that the everyday experience matters as much or more than the hanging. But I also know without the opportunity to share my work it would be a lonely road indeed.

by JudyK