Conflicting views on competitions

Detail from Conflict No. 1
I never make quilts for specific competitions. For instance I can not imagine sewing up a quilt on animals just to meet the requirements of a specific show on creatures of the wild. Likewise I do not cotton to size restrictions. I don't judge people who do that sort of thing- it just is not how I work.

But every once in a long while I will see a call for entry that has my name on it. And in fact the SAQA show Turmoil seemed to be a perfect fit. After all between Conflict and Anxiety I am the Queen of Turmoil. Now mind you there was a companion SAQA show, Tranquility, that all respondents were encouraged to enter- and for the life of me I could not think of one piece of mine that could fit into that show.... LOL.... so I did not even bother to consider it. I did enter another piece of mine for the I'm Not Crazy SAQA show that got in a long time ago- but again- the subject matter is right up my alley.

Detail from Circles No. 5 in the I'm not crazy show.
Today, Conflict No. 1 was juried into the Turmoil show. I am pleased since it was so easy to enter- just pull a photo, write an artist's statement of which I have several and send it off. I did not have to "create" something specific since I was able to pull from my collection. I see this as having two advantages. First of all I would hate to think that I could spend months creating a piece for a show and then have it rejected- especially if it was a topic that I was not interested in. I suppose one could argue that it is good to have challenges- but I have enough self imposed challenges to fill a barn. Secondly I think that this practice encourages quilters to flit around, and I am a firm believer of working in a series and not doing a bunch of one-offs. Again- I am not condemning those who prefer to try different things for each quilt- it is just not how I choose to work.

I am also pleased since I have wanted to show pieces in my Conflict series and Conflict No. 1 is near and dear to my heart. Take a look at a post I wrote a while ago /unmultitasking/2012/06/argh.html and it will explain why.
So don't expect to see entries from me on shows with animals, plants, children, beach scenes, and such. But if it involves angst, anger, worry, dark thoughts, or conflict- well count me in!

Conflict No. 1
by JudyK