My walls

I spent two blissful days alone out in Lewes. They were two perfect days- beautiful weather. And I was so relaxed and happy to be there. I am finally understanding what contentment feels like.
Each day I got up- walked Barley around the neighborhood. I had some breakfast and read the paper- did some gardening to clean up all the old vegetation from the fall and winter- and then walked across the property to my studio. And I worked on three or four different things which was heavenly. Wall space- completely wonderful and underrated. Having so much wall space allows me to actually pin up different things I am thinking about. Prior to this I really did not have a wall to pin up anything except one piece at a time. So I am going to give you a tour of my walls.
Imagine having an entire wall just to hang my strips. A while ago I started another scrap quilt made up of all the left over pieces of fabric that were crowding my fabric bins. 
... and a whole wall to compose my scrap quilt. I make one scrap quilt a year and started this about two or three months ago. I usually try to do something that is totally different- and I don't usually enter these quilts into competitions- they are used for bedspreads or throws- although my son thinks the scrap quilts are better than my other work!

I have repurposed
two wonderful wrought iron hangers
that I found in a flea market.
Now I have space-
actually two spaces to hang
rulers, keys, or anything my heart desires.

I have oodles of space to hang up clippings and photos.
The tiny squares in the lower right are small
photos of each quilt in Color Improv 2 that
they made into wonderful postcards.

And lots of space for me to hang up studies that I am working on.

And of course walls for composition. This is a piece that I have been working on but has taken a back seat to other work. Today I spent two hours just looking at it from different angles- and most important- for the first time I could stand a full 20 feet away from it and look at it from a distance. 
Happiness is 6 walls!

by JudyK