Patience pays off

I have had a hell of a time getting my work tables from Takoma Park to the studio. Almost an entire year ago I purchased 6 Phillocraft industrial work tables from a factory in Baltimore that was going out of business. I got a great deal since normally each table runs $1300+ depending on size and I got all six for $800. So in my mind this was a WONDERFUL opportunity. Except for the fact that each one weighs a ton and a half.  The tale of me and Lenny, the owner would make for a bad movie- and it took me over 3 months of negotiating and some strong arming from my son to actually get all the parts- and even then I did not get all the parts I needed. There is a reason that businesses go belly up- and in this case Lenny is the reason. If you think the photos of the factory floor look messy you ain't seen nothing!

We hired a U-haul a year ago and the metal legs have been taking up room on my front porch while 5 table tops were stuck behind my oak wardrobe in my living room. I was able to put one together that I am using upstairs- it is 48" x 72" and built like a battleship.
But, getting the remainder out to the farm has been a nightmare. We needed someone strong besides Dave and me, and Max has been working like a demon- so I finally hired the contractor who helped me with the barn to come pick them up and assemble them. This happened to be a time when throwing money at the problem was the only way this was going to get done.

I have existed in my studio for the last two weeks using the two fold up tables that have been my worktables for the last two years. And knowing the difference between those flimsy things and my Phillocrafts I was chaffing at the bit to get them out. Well it is a good thing that I did not get them out earlier since I was able to move them around easily and figure out how I want to work in my new space. I will have one area that is 48" x 108" that I will use for ironing and surface work and one area that is 72" x 96" for cutting. Spending a few days actually sewing in the barn helped me understand how I want to use the area. I also taped painters tape all over the floors testing different layouts- which is alot easier than trying to move those heavy frames and masonite boards.
Oswaldo came yesterday and took them away and is going to give all the frames a coat of dark brown/bronze paint to match the doors and assemble them. So my patience is paying off.