Pre-trip thoughts and jitters.

I am sitting here with butterflies in my tummy. It occurs to me that I have not travelled abroad alone for about 35 years- I have always travelled with Dave- who is able to master any language he chooses! I do the maps and he does the words- a perfect combination since I manage to route us along all the interesting shopping areas without him knowing. But this time he is off to Kurdistan and I am off to Germany.

I will meet a good friend/fellow quilter in Hamburg about 15 hours from now- and if I make my connections in Copenhagen I should have about 3 hours waiting time in the Hamburg airport. My cold is not really gone yet but I am armed with a mini-pharmacy and enough cough drops to ensure that the person sitting next to me will not have to fear listening to uninterrupted coughing jags. I also have my needle point to keep me company- that is my secret weapon against boredom for long travel.

I am really looking forward to seeing many of the present and past quilters that I have met over the years. And it is lovely to know that many have turned into friendships that have lasted longer than the two weeks at the Crow Barn. I love following their lives on Facebook- seeing new grandchildren, trips abroad to exotic locales, and news of their quilt successes. I expect that we will all be posting images of our quilts on social media and I for one will be glad to show at least one piece that I have been working on. I am also so interested to see the pieces that Nancy has selected.

I have tidied up my sewing room and gotten two pieces to a point that I feel comfortable leaving them. I am also anxious to share some of the photos with a few of the ladies to see if I am off my rocker or onto something worthwhile. So far the reviews at home have been tepid- my son says my new work creeps him out- my husband has called it "interesting and different" and I waver between excitement and doubt. So having a four day break will be good to give me some perspective.

While I am not planning on a shopping spree of any kind I do have orders to bring home some good chocolate- so I do have a mission of sorts. Dave and I once had some German dark chocolate truffles that were unbelievable- so I am on the hunt.

Four years ago I wanted to be in Color Improv I more than anything in the world. I feel excited and yet somewhat calm about being in Color Improv II as if I have gained a bit of perspective. I am really excited that one of my Conflict pieces will be shown- and I know another 3 will be shown in May. But it is some kind of affirmation that the work is good enough to be shown- even if it routinely gets rejected from some of the domestic shows. I hope that the opportunity to see the work of my fellow artists hanging in a lovely venue will inspire me to go forward. And the little voice inside my head keeps admonishing me not to be threatened or jealous- but to embrace this opportunity for what it is.