So it is finally dawning on me that I will be going to Japan. I have made up some to do lists and have decided to teach a workshop on my circle technique. I had considered dealing with emotions in quilting but upon reflection I think the translating issues might get in the way of something so touchy and subtle.
So circles it will be.
I also wanted to bring some sort of gift for the students and have settled on bringing the marking wheels that I love and the chalk wheels. Both are indispensable tools for making circles. Trying to get them in bulk has been a challenge but luckily Heide Stoll-Weber has been a wonderful German source for me. Without her help I would not be able to do this. Alas- the marker wheels are not widely available any more unless you pay a fortune on Amazon which I am not going to do.
I have been researching flea markets in Tokyo and Kyoto since I would really like to come home with some vintage indigo. And, I love going to flea markets in different countries. It is actually a highlight for me. Of course the textile area in Tokyo is a must, and I have been encouraging Dave to bring along a good book to keep himself occupied.

I have also been trying to work out an itinerary of sorts- with only 2 weeks and some of that time occupied with teaching I have decided to limit the scope of the travel to Tokyo and Kyoto and possibly Nara. I have surrounded myself with guide books and online sources and while it looks exciting it is also daunting. The part that I hate about myself is trying to decide where to stay. This is an example where having too many choices is awful. Not only do I want to experience Japanese culture but I also want to make sure that I am getting a good bargain. I finally put down some money yesterday- an airbnb in Kyoto which looks good and will not break the bank, and one splurge night in a ryokan which makes up for my budget choice. My only fear now is that September is one of the rainiest months- so we will just have to buy umbrellas and bring slickers.