My Blog

From time to time my posts might upset you. Or inflame you. Or interest you. Or pique your imagination. They may interest you. Make you angry with me. Compel you to read more. Or swear to never darken this door again.
And all of that is something I can live with. And while I would much rather all my readers delight in everything that I have to say, I know from time to time I will unintentionally offend someone. And for that you have my apology for things past and things future. For it is NEVER my intention to hurt or offend anyone.
My writing style is sometimes sarcastic, direct and probably more honest than I should be. It is like my diary where stream of consciousness rules, but of course it is public. I do not weigh every word, and sometimes that gets me in trouble. But I do not want to be fearful when I write. This is my form of expression, somewhat personal, and a chance to bear my soul.
Occasionally I will write a post that seems to engender a lot more criticism than I would expect. After some soul searching I have realized that reading only one or two of my posts out of context is probably not going to give someone the flavor of how I write and will not help them decide if what I am writing is serious or more tongue in cheek. And I guess that is just how it rolls.
But blog writing for me, even though I do not write as often as I should, is cathartic. I am not trying to be a quilting critic, or expert. I am just trying to be me. So for now, my apologies to anyone who may have been hurt by a too casual or flip remark. I know that will happen from time to time. But no apologies are forthcoming for writing what I write or why I write.
If I upset you or there is something to discuss reach out to me publicly or privately at judy@grafik.com. I will always answer your emails promptly and professionally. Do it directly since hearing indirectly that someone is unhappy does not help me. I expect disagreements but look at them as differences of opinion- not arguments. And anyway isn't that what a good blog is about- starting a conversation?
Whew! That feels better!