Talking about thread

There is something so delightful about taking an hour or two off to have coffee with two people I like very much- taking the time to breathe- to talk about our art. And it was a relief, in DC- the most political city in the world- not to talk about the primaries. My life, actually every breathing North American's life has be dominated by the elections, and I have to admit how wonderful it was to talk about thread and batting preferences.
It was also wonderful to meet at 10:30- for me an almost sinful time- in the middle of my studio block. Normally I schedule breakfasts at 7:30 or 8- preferring not to interrupt my quilting. But it was WONDERFUL to spend an hour and a half without thinking about the work I have to or should be doing.
I have found that now that I am not facing any extreme deadlines except for master class- I am breathing and taking time off in fits and starts. And I like it. And I do not feel one bit guilty. If someone had extended an invitation to have coffee two years ago- maybe even one year ago- well, I daresay I would have turned it down. And in the process I would have captured two hours of quilting but lost two hours of engagement. How sad!
I like the new me better- and I think that comes from more interaction with friends, taking time for yoga, cooking a nice meal if I feel like it, and reading the paper. Well, maybe reading the first section of the paper does not make me nicer- but it makes me more informed about the idiocy in the world.
So, I am going to try to balance my life better- and not just spend time with cotton but with people that I like. And maybe we will talk about cotton- but that is ok with me.
by JudyK