Three more shows you should not miss.

I feel like starting off this post saying," This is not a paid political announcement", but perhaps that is because I have just voted in the Maryland primary. But seriously, I am not writing this post as a blatant form of promotion, more as a somewhat blatant form of promotion. LOL.

This has been an incredible year for artists working in the quilting medium. And a big year for Nancy Crow as curator.
First there was Color Improvisations 2 at the Tuch+Technik Museum in Neumunster,Germany. Next starting on May 12 is an exhibit at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, Material Pulses 8 Viewpoints, that will feature 8 international artists. This is followed by Mastery: Sustaining Momentum opening on May 28 at the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens, Ohio, followed by Circular Abstractions: Bull's Eye Quilts opening on August 25 at the Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan.

What do these all have in common?- Well they are all curated by Nancy Crow and I believe all of the quilts are large. But that may be where the similarities end. Of course since I have no special knowledge of the shows, all I can glean is what I have found on various sites, or by knowing the artists who will be exhibiting.

Looking at Material Pulses- which has chosen 8 artists that excel in Machine Quilting and Surface Design, I can see a wide breadth of artists who all have very distinct voices. It features  artists who have varied techniques from Jan Myers-Newbury's exquisite shibori hand dyed fabrics, to Elizabeth Brandt's imposing abstract compositions to Chris Mauersberger's amazing hand work to name but a few. There is a beautiful postcard featuring one of Denise Roberts pieces that graces the front and I am so looking forward to seeing these artists when I am up in Ohio for Master Class.Mastery:Sustaining Momentum, which I am honored to be included, also has a wide variety of styles among the 12 invited artists.  I am especially excited to see the work of Arturo Alonzo Sandoval and revisit the beautiful complicated work of Leslie Riley, whose work I have often admired. Nancy Crow and Margaret Boys-Wolf will also part of the gang of 12 and it will be exciting to see their new work. I know that one of the requirements was a large canvas as well as some way of illustrating our thinking process. It will be fascinating to see how others work and see how their works evolve within a series. And a catalogue will be available for purchase starting online through the Dairy Barn on May 1.

Last but not least is Circular Abstractions. One of my favorite exercises in one of Nancy's classes was creating a bulls eye quilt. The piece I did during the class still remains one of my favorite pieces, but there are artists who have pushed the boundaries of bull's eye quilts way beyond my wildest imagination. This show will feature the work of artists who have explored the same format in many different ways. While I will not be able to attend this show, I have heard that there is a catalogue in the works and I will certainly be first in line to purchase one if they are available. I have not been able to find a list of those artists being included but I am certain that the show will be a knock out. Just looking at the logo imparts some of that excitement.

So there is certainly a lot happening nationally and internationally for those interested in seeing the different work of so many people in a handful of venues.
One person has written to me to voice a concern that these are only inclusive of students that Nancy has taught. And my rousing answer is- NOT CORRECT. While many of the artists selected have studied at a class taught by Nancy, I know from looking at the lists that this was not a requirement. It is true that a majority of the artists may have studied under Nancy, but I believe that as a curator Nancy was looking for authentic voices and people who have a dedicated practice of art. I will be looking forward to hearing from Nancy how a curator assembles a show. I will keep you posted.