A new series

I have been finding my way around a new series. A few roads explored that I decided not to take. Some interesting paths that I want to go down, and some confusion. I have decided that when I begin a new series there has to be some fits and starts. And finding the commonality between pieces is not always easy. But I finally think that I have nailed it.
Element one: Fabric
I have been in love with some fabric and for years I have done some exploration on a limited basis. I have also been reticent to cut into fabric that I have in limited supply and that costs more than I usually spend. But I have finally gotten over that hump and one of the elements defining my new series is the use of Japanese and Chinese indigo.... and no dear readers... I can't divulge my sources on this one since it is in limited supply.
Element two: ShapeAfter my Conflict series that was dominated by large rectangular shapes and lines I was hankering to have fun and explore, and my new series is much more textural and involves lots of different kinds of shapes where straight lines and rectangles are no where to be found.
Element three: Quilting
I have been playing around with different kinds of quilting other than my normal straight parallel lines. There is a good reason behind this. I have spent the last year trying to determine if I should send my quilts out to be machine quilted. And I have gone back and forth on this. After seeing the exquisite quilting that Marina Baudoin did on Nancy Crow's quilts I was ready to send mine out. But I was not sure how integral my own quilting was to my art. I have spent the year experimenting with lots of different patterns and have made the decision that it is still important that I quilt my own pieces. In this series, my thoughts about machine quilting are exploding and I am really breaking my beloved grid.... and having fun doing it. 

Element four: Emotion
I am taking a break from Syria and the Middle East in general. There is so much turmoil in the world- and in our country- that for now my work is an escape and I think it reflects my general emotional state- happy, free, relaxed, and willing to explore.
Element five: 
I played around doing a series on body image but I felt that this was too limiting for me. My new series has shapes that look like abstract figures- albeit playful ones. And looking at the first three of these pieces I have decided that the new series will be called Totems.