All my bags are packed

I'm ready to go.... I feel like a Peter Paul and Mary song....
I am a bit nutso about packing. I am not leaving early this  morning and my car is stuffed to the gills with all my gear, fabric, my quilts, sewing machine, etc. It feels both good and weird to have my sewing room so empty- and yesterday I  finally ga
ve it a good cleaning.
I have made 4 trips up and back to the Bernini dealer with my 1630 and 770. Both were having "issues" and both needed a good cleaning. The track ball on my 1630 was stuck and the 770 is having tension problems- the bobbin is not feeding properly.
I started this Bernini dance 2 weeks ago figuring I would have plenty of time- but unfortunately the technician serviced and cleaned the machines but did not fix the problems- and since I did not want to be left without a machine- I have been ferrying these two machines back and forth- 45 minutes each way- almost daily. Not a fun job.
But my 1630 is ready for duty and since I am not quilting any large pieces at the Barn I should be ok.
I have also had lots of side projects that I have somehow committed myself to.
1. I must prepare for the Japan class- and make final decisions on hotels- The hotel deliberation is driving me nuts. I hate this part of traveling and I never feel satisfied.
2. I committed to doing a webinar for SAQA which has taken up more time just trying to schedule the speakers than anything. I am happy to do it and glad that I am not the one arranging it.
3. I will be judging a show- which is exciting.
4. I have to arrange gifts for the Japanese students and the head of the organization.
But today all of that will go on pause as I celebrate two years of work.