Bricks- a lovely interval between Mastery and Master Class

Driving between Athens, Ohio and Baltimore Ohio, Dave and I indulged in our other family passion- bricks. For those of you that do not know (impossible to believe that anyone I know does not know) my husband and son are passionate about bricks. My son is the director of Brick and Board, and while I was quilting, he was part of a brick festival of sorts at the Baltimore Museum of Art. So driving through the Hocking Valley which is a sort of Mecca for brick lovers we could not help but stop at Nelsonville to see if there were any bricks to add to Max's 1000+ collection.
Nelsonville has seen better days and we managed to turn down a particularly decrepit street. But the Fates were watching out for us.... as we came upon John's brickyard- which was really just a house with lots of bricks in the back and a phone number to call. We called the number and John told us to pick out any bricks we wanted (1$/brick) and leave the money inside the front door steps- the front door was not locked. We spent about 20 minutes perusing the bricks and settled on six or seven good ones.... And as luck would have it Max did not have any of these. With our shopping spree over we continued on to Baltimore, Ohio and the Rosabella B&B.