It's not so easy

Day 1 and 2  Distressed about Orlando massacre.
Need to work out my thoughts for a new piece.

Day 2 Added distressed fabrics in the background grouping them along
colors of the Gay liberation rainbow. Not right. Start over. 

Since I got back from Ohio almost two weeks ago I have been working on a new Conflict piece that has to do with Orlando. And I have struggled. I am fighting the battle between realism and design- struggling to make sense of my color choices and composition. And I have done probably 25 different compositions- all with mixed results. I have auditioned some of these to my husband who rightly says they look too pretty- even though I have found the colors to be jarring- which is my intent.
I settled on a red and hot pink background. And I wanted to show the destruction and mayhem at the Focus nightclub. I debated back and forth about putting colors of the rainbow into my piece but every way that I arranged it look trite.

Day 3  Add hot pink color-one of the original colors 

symbolizing Gay liberation.

Added some distressed fabrics that I like 

but something is still wrong.
Dave tells me it is too pretty. 
I looked at adding frenetic backgrounds to simulate the chaos but it felt disjointed to me. I have switched out the backgrounds, added different color schemes- but it is not yet working. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be!

Day 4 Perhaps too dark? I add some lighter colors- keeping the magenta.
But ironically the blacks look too flat. Added some cyan.

Not sure about the distressedbackground on the lower right.
Removed it and looked at other colors...lots of other colors...
Acid yellow- certainly jarring and not pretty. But also not right.
Day 5 Put back the distressed lower right corner.

How about adding a yellow line? 

And adding yellow to upper corner?
Why not add an entire rainbow? Time to go to sleep.

Day 6 OK. Let's remove the lower right background 

again,re-crop and remove many of the original lines.

Put the distressed fabric back in the lower right hand corner again,
take out the yellow, and substitute a different black
for two of the black bars..... perhaps we are getting somewhere.....