Mastery-Sustaining Momentum

I have lots to write about and I hope to capture the last two weeks over the next few days.
Dave and I drove up for the opening of Mastery at the Dairy Barn. The artists were allowed a precious hour to view the exhibition alone- without friends or spouses or partners and it was a treat  to connect with old friends and meet new ones. It was impressive to see the Dairy Barn filled with 36 very large quilts. And it was positively wonderful to see more than one piece of work from the 12 artists. In Quilt National the Barn's space is divided up by partitions so they can hang more work- but in this case the expanse of the Barn was wonderful to view.
After the one hour viewing we were surrounded by well-wishers and it was thrilling to see how people reacted to all the hard work we have been putting in for the last two years. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite quilt and glad that I did not have to. But I was pleased to see my three quilts hanging next to each other- something I may not see again for a while. Below you will see a short selection of pieces in no particular order. Oh- and if you want to order a catalogue here is the link.

Helen McBride Richter
Bonnie Bucknam

Arturo Alonso Sandoval

Heide Stoll-Weber

Judy Kirpich

Kit Vincent

Colleen Kole 
Margaret Boys-Wolf

Margaret Boys-Wolf

Marina Kamenskaya

Nancy Crow

Gerri Spilka

Leslie Riley