Professional responsibility

I have always felt that as a professional it is incumbent upon me to give back to the community. As a graphic designer and business owner I always maintained memberships in my professional societies, was a pretty active participant and lectured often. My firm also mentored a different student each year and I enjoyed mentoring female designers. I still meet occasionally with a few of them. I am proud that I was honored with life time achievement awards by two of my professional organizations and equally proud that my firm was and is held in very high regard.
But as I transitioned out of that world into the art world, I have not participated as much as I think I should, and have started to change that.
I am not a committee member. I HATE meetings and prefer doing things. I am past the point where I want to meet on a regular basis with groups to walk about work, but I do feel that it is important to support member organizations like SAQA. I have thought carefully about how I want to be involved at this point in my life where my time is a precious commodity. So I have a list of the things I will do and those that I will not.
I will not make small quilts for auctions. I do not work small and I find my work to be insipid at a 10" or 12" size. BUT I will donate money.
I will not attend conferences- I have attended too many in my day and I really find little benefit there. But, I will participate in webinars where I  believe I have something to add. I recently finished a webinar for SAQA on working in a series. I think it is a valuable tool and a way for me to share my ideas.
I will not enter every show that has an entry form... but I will, when asked, judge a show. I will be judging Art=Quilts=Art this year. It will take a bit of time to judge but I think it is a good investment of my time.
At some point I think I will mentor a younger artist if I find the right fit, and I do enjoy lecturing IF I find the right topic and venue.
I do not want to start traveling and teaching at the expense of my art. Nor do I want to become an artist that teaches more than creates. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just not what I want to do.
With the preparation for my webinar, judging the AQA show and preparing class material for Japan I can see how these activities have cut into my time, but I need to do that occasionally to support the world I am working in.