Summer camp

Yesterday I moved myself out to the farmhouse in Lewes for the summer. I have arranged it so I do not have to go back to DC until the end of August. This took more preparation than I thought it would. I had to get all of the materials for Japan organized as well as the quilts I will be shipping so I do not have to back home to do that. That involved arranging about 5 boxes of materials.
I also had to figure out what I will be working on and last week had to organize pieces  so I could easily transport them out here to sew together. That was a bit of a nightmare- but last night I put some of them together and it appears to have worked.
I have a long list of things I want to accomplish. I have 2 Conflict quilts to piece and quilt. I have 3 indigo pieces to start to quilt and one to finish sewing. I have 3 quilts that need their hanging sleeves attached, and finally I have to finish the assembly of my class kits.
But I am supremely happy. The farmhouse looks wonderful- everything is in bloom and I have decided to try and tackle one planting bed a day. I have also resolved to walk every single morning with Barley when it is still cool, and to sign up for two yoga classes. I filled all of my bird feeders this morning so I will have lots of wildlife to look at, and their are tiny little black toads hopping around, which makes me so happy.
There is a tradeoff to all this bliss- Dave is working so it will mean being out here without him during the week. I am not worried about being lonely, but I am worried about him being lonely- although this schedule will compel him to work remotely and try to get out here Thursday night and come back Monday morning.... so our separate lives will not be all that separate. And my whole family will be coming here for 8 days at the end of July-which I am looking forward to.
I am happily ensconced in the studio- I have filled up all of the pinning walls already and have had to rotate a few pieces- and I have figured out that I need another small table and some book shelves. I want to have something to store my quilts on in the loft area- and I want to get a sleep sofa up there so I can have more expansion room.
I remember hearing stories about my husband's family moving to the Catskills every summer into a bungalow colony. It was my husband's "happy place". Every Monday the husbands would drive back to NYC and every Friday they would return. I guess this is my version of a bungalow colony- a happy place in the world gone mad.