My great summer adventure

Since early July I have camped at Lewes- spending long days, mostly alone, in the studio with Barley my Golden Retriever as my main companion. I had a glorious week with the entire family- Jody in from Mexico, Les and Max from Baltimore, my mom from Philly and of course Dave from DC. On July 30 everyone left, and I have been out at the farmhouse alone for the most part. My good friends Robin and Jeff are in town, and they have given me sustenance when the company of a dog is just not enough. Dave has been abroad for most of the two weeks and returns on Sunday.

I love it out here. I love the peace and quiet, the amazing birds, my new herb garden and the complete flexibility to do what ever I want- eat whenever I want, sleep whenever I want- and I even have the guilty pleasure of watching 12 seasons of Grays Anatomy for the first time.

I am working hard. I am bound and determined to finish quilting Conflict 12/ Orlando and to finish one of the large indigo totem pieces. I have to get back to some of the experimentation I have been doing with my indigo- and I moved walls around do that so the piece is front and center- and I can not ignore it. I am excited to get back to it- but I know it will take a block of time.

My new relaxed state has allowed me to play- and some of that has resulted in new possibilities.
I had decided to do a scrap quilt as a way to unwind... using up all the left over pieces of Annette'

s glorious fabrics. I started the strip piecing way back in January- before I saw any of the new work that Nancy has been doing- and while I would never compare my work to hers- I wish.... I felt that the similarities were too close and it made me uncomfortable.

So- even though large areas were pieced- I cut it up and started reassembling it. And I reassembled it and reassembled it- and took it off the wall and put it back up- And every time that I thought I was getting somewhere, I left it, and came back the next morning to tear it apart again. And that is the absolute beauty of having extra walls- where I can just leave something up and stare at it for a while.
And then, I kind of had a Eureka moment- instead of putting something together that looks like a million pieces others have done, why not imprint my own style upon it- even if it is not a "serious" piece...

Well the result, which is far from finished, could very well grow into something that is more than a scrap quilt-  a new direction perhaps, that starts a new series... not sure just yet.

I think that my new space, my new attitude and my new sense of freedom, has allowed me to play. And whether it is intentional or serendipity- new ideas are forming.  It is a fun adventure.