Too many choices

If you have not seen the TED talk, the Paradox of Choice, stop whatever  you are doing and watch it now. It describes me to a tee, and as I sit paralyzed by a wealth of opportunities, I watch and rewatch this video.
I hate planning trips- I always get stuck on what the best hotels are, the best meals, the best airline ticket, the best value, the best itinerary. And I research and research and research- until I have a headache and have to stop.
I am doing that par excellence with my up and coming trip to Japan. There are so many things to do in Tokyo and Kyoto- the list seems endless- and narrowing the choices has seemed impossible. I do have some responsibilities there- I have to teach for one day and go to a reception. But other than that, Dave and I can be free to see whatever we want. Fabric town, and the flea markets are top on my list. The gardens and museums, the fish market, sushi, Kitchentown, the hole in the wall eateries... I figure that I probably have enough planned for three months... and figuring out what I want to do... well it seems impossible.
I wish I was like my son Max, who steadfastly refuses to read a guide book or plan anything. His idea is to get up and just walk and discover things along the way. I think that is a wonderful way to travel- but I am not sure if I will ever get back to Japan- so I feel like I have to cram so much into a small window of time.
So I guess it is time to stop writing and watch The Paradox of Choice again.