A few of my favorite things

It would be impossible to write all my impressions in one blog, so I am going to break this up into bite size chunks. It was hard to post in Japan since our internet was crazy, but I will be adding lots of posts. So here are some quick impressions

1. The people. So helpful, so friendly, so polite. So different than what we have in America that it will be difficult to go back to the noisy, dirty, sometimes rude people at home. We had people leave what they were doing and walk us to our destinations when we were lost. Unimaginable at least on the East coast.
2. The transportation. So easy.. So fast, so inexpensive. Before going I was worried about the complexity. And yes it is very complex. But it is so well thought out. I started to understand that our subways systems are geared towards people who know where they are going. For instance the subway exits in NYC allow you to get off either north or south of an avenue. But that assumes you know which way in north or south. Japan is geared towards helping people who do not know how to get where they are going. Every stop and exit is numbered so and the signage is fantastic. That does not mean we did. Not get lost. We did. But we got found pretty easily.

Cab drivers were wonderful. The doors to the cabs open and close automatically. Some drivers use white gloves and they were so polite. The taxis in Tokyo were expensive, so once we got used to the metro and trains we did not use them except to change hotels. The taxis in Kyoto were reasonable so we used them during the typhoon- yes, the typhoon.

3. The toilets. So clean, so innovative, I so want one! I won't go into the gory details except to say that you can clean your bottom every time you go to the loo so you feel very clean. I would get one in a heart beat. Once you get the hang of it, they are easy to use, and every public bathroom was spic and span.

4. The food- which I will cover in a separate post

5. The shopping which was amazing...another post
6. The temples and shrines everywhere you look.

A manhole cover

7. The exquisite attention to design and detail everywhere you look.

Would I go back- yes in a heart beat, but not in September. This is their rainy season and we saw the sun for two hours the entire time we where there. But they have fabulous big big umbrellas that helped with the rain.

by JudyK