All my bags are packed

I'm ready to go. The boarding passes are printed out. The dog has been sent to my son. I have read the travel books inside and out. And now I am getting excited.

Packing was easy for me- black black and more black. But packing with my husband was a nightmare. Who ever said that women pack too much does not know my Dave. Not only did he take twice as much as me, but the room is a positive disaster zone. I have been compact- and Dave is taking a HUGE suitcase, a backpack, and another backpack. YIKES>

I heard from my contact in Tokyo, Ryoko Koyabashi- who has been wonderful. She will meet us for dinner on Monday night. And then, a most exciting development- our "tour guide" for a day will be Chiaki Dosho. I have loved and admired her work for a long time so it is thrilling that I will get to spend some time with her. I could not want for more! We have to suggest what we would like to see and I think we are going to ask her to show us some non-touristy areas that have galleries and fiber. We figure we can do the large museums by ourselves.
The weather is unfortunately not supposed to be very good- rain almost everyday- so we have packed umbrellas and rainslickers- and good attitudes. We may have to forgo some gardens, but we will play it by ear.
I am going to try to post images on instagram if I can get my act together.
We have been trying, futilely I might add, to learn some basic Japanese. It is embarrassing how bad we are. But thank God for translation apps- if we are stuck we can type in a word and a voice will speak it in Japanese. Hurrah for iphones. We also are prepared to carry wifi with us, and we have extended our phone plans...
So we are ready! Tomorrow the adventure begins. Sayonara.