Leaving the land of the rising sun

Ok. Today we hit the wall. Too much rain. Enough Bonita flakes. Even too much matcha. But mostly too much rain. We are starting to mildew behind the ears!
I think 10 to 12 days away from home is just about enough. I miss the kids, my mom, the dog, my own bed. Dave and I have had a wonderful time but we are both ready for alone time. And I am ready to start working again. The rain really has put a damper on things. My hair and clothes need to be dried out. We figured that in the last two weeks there has been a total of two hours of sun and we both have seasonal deficiency disorder!
Of course my mind is already starting to race. I have to prepare. For the Jewish holidays and I squeezed in lots of dr appts in the next week. I will either burn the clothes we have worn for the last two weeks or run a sani-cycle. Dave's socks get burnt for sure. And of course the fun of unpacking. But first a 15 hour trip where I plan to sleep and watch bad movies. Catch you on the other side!
by JudyK