Let's pause for a commercial break...Rejection and acceptance.

I need to pause "The Japan Report" to just get something off my mind. Acceptance and rejection.

I have been reading all the social media posts from those who were both accepted and rejected from Quilt National. And reading many of these posts felt familiar.... too familiar.
Just before I left for Japan I entered a non-quilting show on Nudes sponsored by the Wayne Art Center, an institution I respect. I felt pretty brave for entering one of my new pieces in a general art show, and I was hopeful I might get in. I did not. And I read about it while I was in Japan.

I kept telling Dave that I was ok with it, but I was not. It hurt. And yes, I know all the homilies about judging, about keep on moving, about subjectivity.... etc etc etc. But it still hurt. And it brought up all the insecurities I have about my work- especially new work.

I think that is the hardest- when you are auditioning something new, you are not sure, you are tentative, you are worried that it might not be any good, you might be losing your edge. You should go back to the familiar, to the tried and true. And that would be wrong.

Sometimes the sting of rejection overshadows the joy of acceptance. Yes, one of my pieces did get into QN17. And yes I am happy about that. But in a sense I am more disappointed that my first foray into the non-quilt world did not make it.

So, I will listen to all the advice out there, and just go back up into my studio and start again- something new, something that may make it the next time. Or not.

The point of all of this is me, not anyone else. And if I can learn that and truly believe that, then I will have won.
by JudyK