... or maybe just plain stale.

Word for Rings/Circles = in Japanese

Packed up my studio in Lewes on Sunday and we made the trip home to DC. I can not say that I was happy. I felt like a camper on the last day of camp- not wanting to return home to normalcy.... happy to see my family, but sad to come back to a routine.

map of where I am staying
In my case I will be going to Japan- but the few days in between have been booorrrriiiinnnng. Mostly my fault. I have been stuck at the computer researching and re-researching what to do in Japan. I yearn for those college days when I would just head out and let come what may.

I wrapped gifts for my Japanese hosts which was a headache since I am the WORST gift wrapper in history- and so I decided to sew envelopes to hold the gifts. It was pretty easy and the effect was much better than me struggling with scotch tape and ugly paper. And it was the most I could do on my sewing machine without getting frustrated.
My room now seems impossibly small. The table that once felt spacious is now cramped. How are they going to get her to live down on the farm after seeing the bright shiny lights of the city?!

I know that I should make the most of my next few days before I head out- but I have been having such a hard time concentrating or getting excited about struggling with bindings right now. Or burying threads. Or sewing sleeves for my finished quilts, or sewing much of anything. Malaise.

El Anatsui, Dzesi II
I have finished my powerpoint presentation on Rings as the intro to my course. It is not so much a how to but more a retrospective of artists, native artists, quilters and stitchers who have used rings as their subject material. It is pretty amazing how much there is out there, and I was able to compile a presentation of about 60 slides that I will run through pretty quickly to get their juices flowing. Then I will teach them how to sew rings.

Tomorrow will be more fun! My annual trip to the OB/GYN- and getting my hair cut. I have crammed more doctors appointments into the next two months, with the expressed idea of getting everything taken care of so I can easily return to Lewes after my visit in Mexico.

Oh, I know, whine whine whine whine. With no good reason. I intend to chalk it up to end of the summer blues, Japan anxiety, and fear of starting. Well- those are three ok reasons, I guess.