Where did the summer go?!

Two days until Labor Day weekend and I can not figure out where the summer went. I had so many plans- walks I did not take, recipes I did not make, several lunch dates I did not keep, walks on the beach that went untaken, and alas, blog posts that were not written.

Gone are the days of lazy summers where lying on the beach with a good book was all that I needed to make me happy- and sunburned to boot. Now, I find that I have  little patience to sit on the beach for more than a few hours- and only if it is after 4:30 so I can stand the sun and the heat. I guess I am getting old. No complaints here- just a realization that the swimsuit days with suntan lotion lathered all over my body baking in the sun for hours are long gone. I just have too much too do and perhaps too little time. I am starting to understand what it means to enter the fall of one's life.

My studio has been a source of joy. This was the summer that I learned what it is like to work in the space- where I might make some modifications- and how the space functions for me. I am amused to find that I have already run out of wall space- and I never thought that possible. The soaring ceilings are a great source of joy and the feel of old wood floors on my feet are comforting. Barley, my dog has been a constant companion and I have been grateful for his company especially since Dave has been traveling and commuting to Lewes on the weekend. I have never spent so much time alone or apart from him. While at times it was lonely, it was also good to know that I can keep myself company if I need to. It helps to talk to a dog.

I accomplished a lot. I judged a show which was really interesting although I am prohibited from talking or writing about it. But it was a good learning experience.

I worked on one large new piece and finished quilting Conflict No 12/ New Orleans.

I quilted and quilted two large pieces although I am far from done.

I prepared two pieces for Quilt National.

And of course I prepared for Japan. And I am still doing that.

So no languishing here....

I did make time to walk more, to spend lots of time looking at the birds at my feeders, and throwing endless frisbees for Barley. I joined friends for meals and soirees at the beach, and went to Philadelphia several time to be with me mom. I missed my kids and wished they were closer so they could enjoy more evenings filled with fresh peaches and watermelon.

And now, with the school year starting, my psyche is adjusting. I am geared up for Japan- ready to teach and learn. I am preparing for Mexico, and I have committed to a show in February that I am in pretty good shape for.

So August is over, and as I pack my bags to leave Lewes and return to DC, and hear nostalgic Beach Boys songs playing through my head. Two more days here and I have to find a way to bottle summer.