I need to take a shower

Why should I have to listen to the news, the debates, TV coverage, out of civic duty when I feel like I am watching an R rated movie? Without being partisan- since I have always been taught not to talk about politics or religion- I can not continue to follow the news when it makes me feel hopeless. I do not use the P word, the N word, the C word and yes, I sometimes slip and use the F word.... but I really do not want to be bombarded with any of those words when I am watching a debate, news coverage or post-debate analysis.
Yes, I am a feminist- have been for going on almost 50 years. Yes, I believe in treating everyone with respect- not just women. And yes, I watched the infamous video- too many times to be truthful.
But for now, I feel like watching the news is for titillation- what new tawdry bit of news can be dredged up- whether it is Donald or Bill. I have had it.

I know who I am going to vote for- and last night did not change things one bit. And yes, out of civic duty I will watch the third debate. But for now, I am turning off the TV news coverage, the talk shows, the endless posts on Facebook. I have been pushed over the edge and need to feel clean again.
by JudyK