Scratching an itch

It's nice to be able to hide away from design dilemmas, and Japan provided me with the perfect escape. I have been mentally putting off dealing with some new directions I am struggling with.  First I could use Japan as an excuse, and this week preparations for the Jewish holidays had me in and out of the studio on a haphazard schedule- which allowed me to put off dealing with my work for another week. This week I sat down and started to quilt a piece using the indigo I have been playing with. I was not sure if the material would quilt well, and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to quilt it.

So I did a few test pieces and started to quilt a larger piece I have been struggling with.

And I quilted it, and I quilted it, and I quilted it some more. 1/16" lines. And I kept hoping I would like it the more I quilted it. And I am just not sure. I am really not sure.

Here is one thing I did learn- perhaps the hard way. The new "composition" was based on a number of test pieces that I produced at the Crow Barn. And for some crazy idea I decided to piece them together into a composition. That was a mistake.

I learned an important lesson that I should know already- all the great fabric and interesting techniques will not make up for a mediocre composition- which is basically what I am left with. I forgot many of the basic design tenets I learned in earlier classes, and have been trying to use the quilting lines to break up the piece. And in the process I think I have destroyed the beauty of the fabric.
I should just stop, take a breathe and put it away. But it is like a itch that I have to scratch. I feel like I should be able to solve this problem if I just work hard enough. ...it's hard to let go.

by JudyK