Space and time

I am not good dealing with spaces of time between activities. I have a hard time getting started or motivated if I don't have a block of time. And I knew this might be the case with the month between my trip to Japan and my visit in a few days to Mexico. So, I set up lots of appointments- dentist, mammogram, colonoscopy, ob/gyn, regular doc, and the vet. I figured that I might as well be productive if I was not going to get much work done. So, each day I have had one or two appointments, luncheons with neglected friends, calls to my mom, and even the dreaded winter clothes change over.

The result was as expected- little time in the studio to focus. I did work in the studio, but in fits and starts.
I did more tests on my mystery fabric and started a larger 36" x 36" test to see if larger pieces will hold creases. I tested 5 different backings and 3 different battings... lots of combinations. And I have started densely stitching the test piece- which takes surprisingly a lot of time.

At the farmhouse where I went this weekend after not being there for 4 weeks- I also tidied up projects that were half way done. I cut up strips of left over fabric for a new piece, finished sewing a backing together, ordered some supplies for a course I am taking this summer, did more quilting on a massive piece I am trying to finish and vacuumed and cleaned like a demon.

I think that space is productive in that it lets me dabble- and I am not one comfortable with dabbling. I feel like a butterfly that is flitting from flower (or in this case weed) to weed. But it is giving me the luxury of consideration- which is a huge gift.

There is one piece that I have not touched since March. It was a mashup of several pieces and I was working with a vague idea of body image... which did not work. I tried cropping it a dozen times- lots and lots of quilted fabric ending up on the floor. Then finally, on Sunday, I let go of the body image part and flipped it upside down. It works. It is not a masterpiece- but it is a testament to not giving up, and having the time to consider. So maybe the space is not such a bad thing.

by JudyK