I am not used to producing so many "tests" that do not work out.
I know I am heading somewhere- just not sure where.

I realized that one way to work with this fabric is to fuse it.... which I tried.... and I hate. I fooled around with fusing for two days and I finally got the guts to throw a composition into the trash- and I took it out to the sidewalk so I would not be tempted to take it out of the trash. I just am not satisfied with fusing from a construction standpoint, even though it makes complete sense for a fabric that is so stiff.

I like this idea of distressing a piece by twisting and turning it, but I had to find a way for the fabric to keep its shape and not relax after I crunch it. A trip to Joann's and fifty dollars later I came home with different solutions to try out. I painted the back of several test swatches with Elmers Glue and other fabric stiffeners, and after two coats, the fabric does become stiff and does not lose its folds- even when left in a steamy bathroom. So I may have one solution.

So next I am creating a smallish piece out of my favorite fabric. It is a smaller Conflict composition.  I will piece and quilt it, and twist it and if it works then I will start to work bigger.
I never realized how many technical issues I have to solve to make this work. I have to test which batting is best, which backing is best, and how to bind this piece- or not bind it...

And in the end it might still all end up in the trash bin.
The fused composition that I finally threw out.
by JudyK