A quilter's Thanksgiving

In these turbulent times I need to list all of the many things I have to be thankful for. It helps me center myself and remember how fortunate I really am. Yes, I have the usual things to be thankful for- family, health, comfortable life. But it occurs to me that I have a list specific to my art. So here goes:

1. My passion. I am grateful that I have a passion that consumes my time. Creativity is a gift. I know this because I see the struggle many of my friends in non-creative pursuits have as they try to find activities and hobbies to fill empty time.
2. Focus. I am thankful that I have the time to focus and the discipline to work even when I do not really feel like it. And happy that my finances allow me to just work and not worry about selling or making a living.
3. Support- from my family and friends. My husband is my biggest supporter and critic. My family celebrates my "wins" and helps me through tough creative times. And they fight over who will get certain quilts! My mom, an artist herself, has been an advocate from day one and has helped me over bumps on the road.
4. My community. This late in life it is unusual to find friends. So I am thankful to have made some very special friends in the quilting community. We are a crazy passionate and supportive band of women and men. How lucky we are to have each other.
5. Social media. Yes, I love and hate this. But I am thankful that I can now connect with artists and quilters across the country and world and keep up with their accomplishments and triumphs. I have learned so much and my daily visual feast is fed by Pinterest and Facebook. I can share things I like and rarely go negative... which for me is really something! I love the fact that I am connected with artists that I have never met- and while I would hesitate to call these friendships- it is wonderful to be able to share our work.

That's it for now. Three pumpkin pies in the oven, a vat of stuffing and cranberry relish await me. Happy holidays to all.

by JudyK