The Conflict Series show

I have been busy preparing for my first show at the Aughinbaugh Art Gallery near Harrisburg from February 3- March 10.  I will be showing 9-10 of my Conflict Series quilts. I'm excited that I will have a chance to show them side by side. 
Aughinbaugh Gallery schematics
Time consuming
I did not know how much time it really takes to put on a solo show. First there is the time it takes to actually clean up and unpack and pack the quilts. I had four of the quilts in different venues- one in Osaka, Japan, and three at the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio. And the balance have been rolled up in my closet for a while. I spent the summer rebinding three of them to get them squared up. So all the bindings were removed, the quilts were cut,  then new bindings and hanging sleeves were attached. 

I am amazed at how much lint and fuzz seems to come out of nowhere. I have gone through 3 lint rollers just cleaning 6 of the quilts. 

After the grunt work, I had to remeasure all of the pieces and then figure out how I want to hang them in the gallery. That part is fun. I drew up scaled images of the walls and then put my quilts to size on the walls. It is allowing me to see how the colors and shapes can work together. I had a lot of fun just playing around. And it has been interesting to see how my work has developed. 

Nerve racking
The hardest part of the process is sending my pieces out into the world. It makes me feel a bit naked. And I worry how they will be received. In addition, I just hate packing them up. In this case I will be creating 2 giant rolls- very heavy indeed- and the gallery will be sending a truck to pick them up and deliver them back after the show. I have decided to go up early and help on the installation- to make sure that the quilts are hanging flat and also so I can monitor the lighting. I also want to go over them with my lint roller and take off any of the threads that mysteriously come out of the air and attach themselves to the dark areas. 

Now all I have to do it write the gallery talk and prepare a hands on workshop for art teachers that I will give the next day. The state of Pennsylvania is trying to figure out how to get kids connected with global issues through art, and they want me to teach a workshop for 20 art teachers. I am so excited about this aspect of the show.... and thrilled that the state is using art as a tool for communication. I am going to try and connect art with emotion, and then emotion with events. I have a couple of timed exercises I am planning for the teachers and will be thinking about this more over the holiday break. 

Denouement: the final part of something (such as a book, a play, or a series of events) 
I have been working on a few different directions over the last couple of months. And I now understand that my Conflict series is ending. The last piece is on Aleppo and the destruction of that city.
The new pieces I have been working on, two finished and one in the works, are the start of a new series called: The Morning After. This series is focused on domestic issues and are a way for me to work out what is going on in this crazy country. But more about that in a later post.
Conflict No. 12/ Aleppo