The reverse side of things

Probably about 6 years ago I went to the Art Quilt Elements show in Wayne Pa and was treated to an amazing piece as soon as I walked into the lobby. For the life of me I have no memory of who created or what the piece was called. I have looked for it online and can't find it. But it was spectacular. It was very large and it was the reverse side of a quilt- with all the lovely raw edges, seams, and threads. It used metallic threads And I remember that it elicited a very visceral reaction. It was so dramatic and bold.

Often when I am working on a piece, especially a complicated one, I am tempted to use the reverse side. I never have, and I probably never will since it does not seem like it is my original thought. I realize that no one owns an idea, but honestly the quilt that I saw was so wonderful that I have not been tempted to use that technique. But I do love it.

Working on the latest in my The Day After series, I have been aware of the reverse side and the power that unfinished edges can have. I tend to be so precise and focused on order, and sometimes it is wonderful to look at what the underbelly of a top really looks like. Sometimes "messy" can have a desired effect. I have to be a bit more courageous about that and I am hoping that the course I have signed up for this spring with Dorothy Caldwell, Making Marks, will give me a whole new way of looking at fabric.

by JudyK