Weight and my Shoulders

I finally can not put off the inevitable.

For a year I have been ignoring pain in my shoulders. Mostly at night and it keeps me up. I am pretty sure I know the cause. Lugging around heavy quilts, stitching and turning a quilt top, 1 or 2 layers of batting and a heavy canvas back are getting to my muscles. Tomorrow I go for my first physical therapy session. And I am just a little bit nervous.

I really do not want to hear that I have to stop what I am doing. And I do not want to work smaller. But I am preparing to see how I may have to compromise. But, I am really bad at compromising.

My style of quilting may just have to change. So for the last two days I experimented with quilting end to end and ignoring the background so to speak. It is not half bad, but it also is not what I am used to. I could use this in a pinch, but I really like the lines of quilting to follow the lines of my composition.

We will have to see.

The following day I am meeting with a nutritionist, something I have put off for years. I have to get the weight off, since I really do not want to have diabetes, and if I don't do something that is where I am headed. I am really pissed that at the age of 64 I still have to watch everything I put in my mouth, and it still has almost no effect on my weight. At some point I would just love to stop dieting, but that point is not now...

On a positive note, I am working like a demon, finished up quilting and binding two large pieces, one in my totem series, and one in my new series, The Day After. I spend hours quilting but for fun I am creating one minimal composition every day in preparation for a class this spring. I am working just in black and white and I am FUSING it, so that I focus more on the composition and not on the technical aspect. It is fun and fast. And I am coming up with some motifs that I might not have if I was sewing each exercise. While I am not a fuser in my work, in this instance it is a real time saver.

The other exciting thing is that I bought a top for my ironing board that is pure heaven. It has given me so much more space.