So what have you done for me lately?

Gosh I have so much material to work with. That is the only benefit I can see from the current political situation. And I have lots of ideas cooking in my head. So far I have one two pieces finished, one in quilting, and one in piecing.

I worked hard last week at my barn and managed to pin up a large construction in the The Day After Series. It is dealing with greed, the number of billionaires in our cabinet and the possible repeal of the Dodd-Frank act. It simply blows my mind that the protections that have been put in place to guard against another Great Recession are just being signed away.

I am going back to the Barn this weekend and then will be out there for 15 days while Dave is back in Israel and Kurdistan. I know I have some tweaking to do on the sizes and shapes before I start sewing.

I always find it interesting that I will start out with one preconceived notion of what fabrics I want to use and I almost always end up changing things out. In this case I had some lovely red oiled cotton that I wanted to use. This is a piece I have been reluctant to use. I cut it all up, and then decided it just was not right.... so I have lots of strips of this oil cloth. Breaks my heart... but I will get over it.
by JudyK