Weight off my shoulders.

So. I have lost 6 pounds so far. And just as importantly, my shoulder is feeling much better due to twice weekly PT sessions and lots of stretching. I can not believe how much time PT eats up but it is so worth not being woken up in the middle of the night with stabbing shoulder pain. My PT has told me that I simply can not quilt for 6-8 hours in a row. I told him I need another solution. I have cut back significantly, and more important I am changing up the kinds of things that I am doing. So instead of hours of repetitive back and forth, and I am interspersing hand sewing, design, and finishing. That seems to be working well.
I do feel healthier. It feels good to get some of the weight off even though I have a ways to go. I am eating lots and lots of berries and have cut back on the carbs. I cut out cheese and peanut butter and bread and rice and pasta and potatoes and butter and ice cream.... well you know the drill. But I am spending a fortune on fresh raspberries, blue berries and organic strawberries. And I have substituted juice pops for my daily treat.

I do like the nutritionist that I went to- small steps- not a grapefruit diet mentality. That works better for me since I don't like the feeling of depriving myself. But honestly as I start to see progress I do feel it is easier.

All my dieting was made considerably easier this week since I came back from a week in Lewes to find that my refrigerator and freezer's motherboard died... in a 7 year old machine. I lost hundreds of dollars of food and had to empty out a full refrigerator freezers worth of food. The worst were the melted overripe bananas that my husband cavalierly tosses into the freezer (without a bag) since he does not want to waste any food. Well, let me tell you what ten melted bananas does when it is in a freezer for three days with no power.... not a pretty site or a pretty sight!

The technician finally came today- 6 days operating out of a cooler- but as my daughter reminded me, these are first world problems.

by JudyK