Breathing once again.

It is kind of like riding a horse- if you are thrown you have to just get back up on that horse. So I gave myself the day off and the next morning I started anew.... with no greens or reds! I usually start with massing colors and I still have it in my head to use the waxed cotton that I started with on my "wadder" piece. I decided to deliberately work slower and give myself more time to look, rearrange and consider. I
actually like where I am going although it will be fairly stark and the polar opposite of the last piece.

In between I have been quilting up a piece I did last fall which I can only do in short spurts. So it turns out that my shoulder issues are directly related to the machine quilting part where I am lifting and turning heavy layers of fabric, batting, and backing.  I can no longer sit down and do this for 6 or 7 hours- I have to do it in limited spurts. I see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday since the PT was helpful but did not eliminate the problem. If I don't quilt then it does not hurt- but this is not a solution.

 When I don't want to quilt anymore I play around with creating blocks for a scrap quilt. I have an entire wall of scraps and it keeps growing. So last night and today I just composed and played around not taking it too seriously. It will make a nice lap quilt or baby quilt at some point. I actually love arranging and rearranging squares. And clearly I am channeling early Nancy Crow.

I have been out at in Lewes for two weeks alone. I'm talking to my dog an awful lot, and I think that 2 1/2 weeks is just too long for Dave to be gone. I used to think I could not do a vow of silence. Now I am pretty sure I can.

Today after lunch I picked up, cleaned up and drove back to DC to re-situate myself back home before Dave returns. The house is empty but clean and I am looking forward to seeing Dave again on Saturday night. Until then I still have two whole days of sewing ahead of me!