Enough already!

Well it took me another 7 hours of work this morning to finally come to the same conclusion I had last night- this piece has to stop- it has fundamental problems that are not going to be solved and even though I have spent 3 weeks working on it- I am throwing good time away. But it is hard to just stop- especially when so much energy has been invested.

At least I know why it did not work.
I like the idea behind this piece but it is too literal and more of a political cartoon than a piece of art. And in this case scale does not solve the problem. The colors are way too literal- and they look like they came out of a coloring book. The relationship of the lines is not working- too jumbled. And lets face it- red and green screams Christmas- and it is hard to get away from that.

So I left the barn, had some lunch and have decided to take a break until tomorrow. I took all of the fabric off the wall, folded and put it away so I am not tempted to take one more try. I cleaned up and shut the door until tomorrow.

It is hard not to feel a sense of failure- even though I know not everything can or will work.