Facebook and failure

OK. I am sure this is going to be a wildly unpopular post, but here goes.
Facebook- yes I am on it. Yes I participate, and yes it irritates the hell out of me. I guess I am used to the fact that people post all the good stuff- not the everyday mundane world, not the extra pounds of fat, not the relationships gone south. So everyone is constantly either on vacation, in an impossibly beautiful spot with a 10 star sunset, in the middle of a loving family gathering, etc etc etc. You get the picture.
And I am ok with it sometimes since I am guilty of the same crimes.
But when it come to the artist community, I want more reality, more grit, more failures if you will, since that is how I learn.
Yes, I joined the 7 days of show your art that was recently on FB. I've been asked before and usually politely decline this online chain letter. And here is why.
I love supporting my fellow artists, but I learn so much more looking at different kinds of images- not the same photos of the same quilts that have appeared online, in books, in shows, etc. I sometimes feel like we are just patting ourselves on the back for work that we did a long time ago- not helping each other through the struggles of creating new work.

I get a kick out of seeing people's work as it progresses- which is why I love seeing Gerri Spilka's wonderful experiments, thrill looking at Paula Kovarik's progress in stitching, marvel at the hand work Amy Meissner up in Alaska shows, and smile at the details Judith Martin shares with us.  I know that not all of these pieces will result in awards- but I love the bravery of showing PROCESS and thinking. I love the fact that Gerri can put herself out there as she explores- now that is courage with a capital C.
I also learn to be brave and to persevere when I know that I am not the only one out there who sometimes produces garbage. It makes me go forward when I know that failure is just part of the deal- and you just have to forge ahead. So, in that spirit, I am going to post some of my failures here. Pieces that just never worked out- but that taught me a lot.
I've decided that I'm not going to do another Facebook "challenge" since it really is not a challenge. I am open to talking and sharing new ideas- both good and bad ones, and coming to grips that Facebook just shows us a really lopsided version of ourselves and our work.
So here you go- 7 failures that resulted in breakthroughs at later points.

by JudyK