Facebook Redux

Perhaps I should be called "Judgmental Judy" although it is not what I am trying to be. My last post struck some cords, as I knew it might. And some of that may be due to my inability to communicate clearly. So here is another take with some new ideas.

1. I do not begrudge anyone from posting their work- new or old on FB. I guess perhaps in the world of social media that is the role that FB takes.
2. I love seeing when people have triumphs, shows or publications. I am not saying that people should not post their accomplishments.
3. I am certainly NOT the goddess of what people should post, should enjoy, should share. That is up to each and everyone of us. My last blog was more about me- and where I find value and perhaps frustration.
4. There are probably much better places to share failures, process, experiments than Facebook. Instagram for instance is where I have decided to post my fits and starts- the process images for new work, the stuff that I just can not make work. It is easier - no words are really needed. Instagram is where I tend to see more experiments from people that I follow.
5. BLOGS- are probably the best place to really understand what an artist is trying to get at. I know they are not for everyone but I do enjoy reading several blogs and have found them to be a great window into their minds.

Maybe Facebook plays into our vanity- who can claim that they do not look at how many likes they get on a particular post- how many are shared? On a bad day seeing one has accumulated likes or even better hearts can be a boost. But FOR ME- I worry that I depend too much on likes and not enough on solid appraisal. And I am certainly guilty of pressing the like button just to be affirming to a friend.

Here is a good example. With my last attempt at a piece I posted a process image on FB and Instagram and got lots and lots of likes. I continued on with this piece since it seemed to be received well even though I knew it had some real issues. It was not until one of my dear friends, Anna, had the courage to call it the way she saw it....  Her honest appraisal :

Having trouble with the hues. Feel a bit as though you're trying to force color to impart narrative, only to have it fight against the power of the fabric. An odd, even disconcerting incompatibility.

For me this comment was a turning point- it was a comment that really helped me- it got me off my ass and convinced me to listen to my inner critic and bag this composition even though that was difficult to do. It was so much more helpful than a simple like or heart.

I know that not everyone wants to hear criticism and certainly not in public- and perhaps real serious critique belongs in email or over the phone or in person. I will not kid you that reading Anna's insightful comments was not easy- it bothered me for a day or two until I realized she had put into words what I was struggling with.

So, back to work and enough writing! Hope to see you wherever social media takes you!

by JudyK