Shoulders and Cy Twombly

Torn and detached rotator cuff. Ugh. Surgery proscribed. The surgery is not such a big deal but the recuperation time without sewing is not great. Which means I may have 4  months without sewing and lots of physical therapy.
My first thoughts at first were focused on how I am going to spend that much time without sewing. My second thoughts were how I could experiment with different things to occupy my time. My last thoughts were how lucky I am that this is not a serious disease.
I do have the latitude to put this off a bit- and if my shoulder does not hurt I will postpone this as long as possible. I do not want to do this before the fall at any rate.

Cy Twombly chalk board drawing
I have put off any serious machine quilting until I figure this out- which leaves me to peaceably piecing. I'm working on two very different pieces- one very severe, very large and almost monochromatic. The second does not have a straight line in it- and is about as bright as I have ever worked. I like going back and forth between the two.

Cy Twombly chalk board drawing
I'm spending time studying the line work of others.... specifically Cy Twombly. For a few mad seconds I thought about jetting to Paris to see his retrospective at the Louvre. But then I saw how much the airfare was and I contented myself to buy two catalogues- one is the catalogue raisonne of this drawings in the 1960s and the other is the catalogue of the current retrospective. I have been going through these very slowly- really studying his line work and seeing how someone who obviously had amazing skills could produce pieces that seemed so unstudied. One of the reasons I love to look at catalogue raisonnes are that you can see every single one of his drawings and realize that he worked very very hard to produce the pieces of his that we are so familiar with. His seemingly random line work is actually repeated over and over in different compositions until he has mastered it. Gives me faith and courage to "repeat" studies to try and refine my work.

Cy Twombly chalk board drawing

by JudyK