Exercise 3 done

Ahhhh- that's a sigh of relief having finished the exercise that I started but did not complete at the Barn. It took me two days to lay in the secondary and tertiary figures and grounds, and sew it up. At first I was not going to construct it, but I am really glad I did. It is the part I like the most and I had fun figuring out which shapes to put together first. And you know I love my curves and circles!
I think it had the added benefit of extending my vacation- postponing my return to the top I have been  working on. It has been a welcome break! But tomorrow it is back to the salt mines.
A couple of people have asked me if I am going to use any of the stitching techniques I learned with Dorothy Caldwell and I must confess that I have been thinking seriously how I might emp
loy some of the more gestural stitches we learned. I really liked sewing blind- it freed me up and I might use it on this piece. I think I am going to quilt this and try combining machine and hand quilting.... I will keep you posted.
I am itching to get out to my studio and the beach- but that has to wait until next week. I hate leaving Dave here alone- so I put off going to Lewes so we could spend 10 days together. It has actually been lovely- I've been relaxed going through these exercises, and we are enjoying some lovely crisp weather.
Glad I am done with my homework. Glad I am moving on. Wondering what will come next....