QN17: What is old is new. What is new is old.

Taking a break from the hubbub of QN17, I went to see an exhibit of older quilts at the Southeast Ohio Historical Society. The exhibit was almost empty with not many people to view some pretty nice older pieces. It was actually nice to wander around the exhibit alone and I was struck how so many of the older pieces seemed new and how many of the newer pieces at QN17 take their cues from older work. In particular the work of Amy Meissner actually uses found materials that she sources or receives from friends around the country. Scraps of old embroidery, lace, quilts and such make up her strong political quilts. While her work is quiet, it has power when viewed carefully. And she employs many of the traditional techniques found in older work.
I apologize to the historical quilts that I do not have captions identifying the makers- I was so absorbed in the work that I did not take notes.

Detail of Amy Meissner's Fatigue Threshold

Louise Silk's lovely energetic mantle

Judith E Martin
Pamela Fitzsimons

Julia Graziano
Ana Lisa Hedstrom