Quilt National 17

How to write this without sounding blase? 
Sue Benner's quilt on left
I am thrilled that my piece was juried into QN17. But nothing matches the excitement  I felt the first time around. The first notice of admission had me squealing with delight. I could hardly contain myself. The second time with the Japan Prize had me bursting my seams with anticipation. This time I was pleased that I got in especially since the show featured a stellar group of artists selected by wonderful jurors. But truth be told a little bit of the thrill is gone. 
I remember the first design award I got for a poster for the National Symphony 35 years ago and how happy I was. Now, after 600+ graphic design awards I barely acknowledged the achievement. I'm not writing this with a swelled head but as an honest appraisal of what excites me. 
Kit Vincent's quilt
So what makes me happy?
As a person who can easily talk to a crowd of 500 I have trouble introducing myself to people at a small cocktail party. Extending my hand is painful. 
At QN17 it was the people. Lovely lively people. Perhaps because I was more relaxed I introduced myself to quilters I had never met before and even went to lunch with four people I did not know. I sat alone at a table at breakfast and invited another Judy from Australia to join me. I introduced myself to another artist who was offsite looking at a traditional quilt exhibit. 
Usually I go to openings with Dave. This time I went alone and was much braver about meeting new people.  Now that's something I am really proud of. 

Gerri Spilka's quilt on right
Good friends. Best part of QN17