Dorothy Caldwell Day 2-3
I have never been one to do lots of hand stitching although I have done some mind-blowingly small petit point. I marvel at the hand stitching of masters like Judith Martin or the kantha quilters of India- but I have never had the patience to sit and sew. After two days of stitching I am a convert. Dorothy put us through a bunch of exercises- we studied exquisite samples of kantha stitching she brought for us to examine and had us start a strip of our own. We also had to sew five kinds of stitches while we were blindfolded. Dorothy read 5 different words and we had to stitch them. What fun- and how utterly different than the controlled kantha stitch exercise.
 I found myself falling into a blissful reverie and enjoyed the quiet time. I now have some ideas of how I might occupy time on long plane rides and when I do not have access to a machine. I do not think I will ever abandon machine stitching to hand stitching but I certainly appreciate it more and look much more closely at how hand stitching is more evocative than machine stitching.