Graffiti on a wall/Tangier
Over 35 years ago Dave and I went to Morocco for 3 weeks. It was a wonderful trip and when we had the chance to return with our flights paid for, we jumped at the chance.
Morocco is a visual feast and I am going to try and capture our visit in 15 photos- one for everyday we were there. If you want to see more images I posted some on Instagram and on Facebook. But if I had to post just fifteen images here is what I would show.
Our bedroom in Tangier

Blue painted walls of Chefchaouen

Every meal starts with plates of Moroccan salads- usually cold.  Olives and bread are served at every meal.

Where there is no water there is no green.
For the most part the countryside is brown 
except in the mountains that are covered with cedar forests. 
Flocks of sheep and goats are always crossing the highway.

Inside courtyard in Fes. The most beautiful parts of the houses are on the inside. 

A fish lunch in Tangier

Thread market. All the silk thread is hand spun and hand dyed. Each merchant has a small stall in the Moroccan version of a mall. The sewing, dyeing and spinning is done by the men. 

Lush fabrics are used inside the house- not for dresses.

Painted wooden doors- all geometric. There are no "pictorial" scenes on older buildings. 

Narrow "streets" that look plain on the outside mask beautiful courtyards.
Donkeys and pushcarts ferry materials around since there are no cars.
Heavy cedar doors with iron decoration
Fes is the city of fountains. The mosaics are all hand cut and hand glazed. 

Fes- children's game- fishing for soda
Four kinds of figs. $1 buys you a bucket of figs.