My left hand

So it turns out I have been using my wrist more than I should even though I really have been pretty much pain free. My surgeon told me not to do anything at all for a week although I am quite handy doing stuff with my left hand, and i am typing this with one hand which will explain the lack of capitalization.
surgery went well and the pain has been manageable. Having an arm block was weird...staring at a numb lifeless appendage for 24 hours that would not do anything my brain commanded. it was like having a bologna attached to my right arm. i was relieved when I started to be able to move my arm and wriggle my fingers.
I got the "great idea" to do a piece with my left hand and using the bandage that I get in Fes. It was fairly stinky and actually pretty easy to stitch with one hand. But it proves to me that anesthesia stays in the body for a while and it is important not to make decisions during this time frame. Boy, it is possible to make some really ugly stuff while under the influence.

 The other weird part was being without my wedding band for a few days. I felt positively naked. Dave told me not to get any strange ideas about picking up surgeons since I was ringless.
One does discover the important parts of life when one is forced to slow down. Like family and friends, moderation, simplicity and the necessity for laughter. And so I leave you with a photo of how Dave "fixed" our broken doorknob in the hopes laughter will help
you get through the day.

by JudyK