The NYTimes today ran a good column in the health section on ways to remain resilient in middle age, and while I probably am over middle age, the column rang true.

The two days before our wonderful trip to Morocco ended I fell down 5 metal stairs. Yesterday I was scheduled to have surgery on Friday for a broken wrist- and told that I would not be able to drive or sew for a month. Right now my broken arm is in a splint and is itching like crazy.

I'm not really that concerned about the surgery- it's fairly common- but not being able to do much with my right hand has me scrambling to figure out how to occupy the next 5 weeks without lifting more than one pound in my right hand. I will be in a cast or splint for that long and it has made me appreciate the small things- like putting on a bra or pulling up one's pants. Cutting food is coming along but using a fork is a ways away.... And Dave has been a complete trouper helping out with everything. Taking a shower without getting the splint wet takes some prep and I have not yet attempted to wash my hair- that's tomorrow's challenge.

I am determined to do as much as I can- and so I started to make a list of the things I can do in the next month to keep myself occupied.
1. Walk- but not with the dog
2. Clean drawers- today I cleaned 4 drawers that really needed to be sorted out. I never knew I had so many nail cutters or stray batteries. I figure this activity could keep me busy for a few days.
3. Sort thread and wind bobbins
4. Read and listen to audiobooks- which I will do but I am not sure I can do that for hours on end.
5. Yoga is out right now- but perhaps meditation might help get through some of the rough patches
6. I am going to see if I can manage hand sewing- if I can- then there are a number of pieces I can work on. But right now my hand hurts just typing this.
7. Binge on pinterest and instagram. After all if not now, when?
8. Read the paper cover to cover (without screaming or crying)
9. Organize my photos
10. Try to blog more.

OK. So there are ten things I can do, and I have to make sure that I do not do them all in the first week before the surgery. Your suggestions are welcome. And I will read and re-read the Resilience column to make sure I do not whine.

by JudyK