I have tried to process Charlottesville and have failed. I have cried, read every news article that I have found, read countless posts on FB and still I have no words.

I think the image that took by breathe and energy away was the line of KKK and Nazis holding torches in a processional on Friday night. Evil personified.  I never expected to see anything like that again in my lifetime. Perhaps in the 1950s or 60s. Perhaps in old documentaries on racism in the South. But not in 2017. Not where racist bigots are proudly screaming their vile bile, armed to the teeth with weapons and shields.

And our leadership. Not just the President. Where is the leadership in our country that remains muzzled, afraid of twitter shaming, afraid of alienating their base base? Where are the voices unequivocally condemning what our nation witnessed? Where are the voices in our leadership that should be calling for the end of this buffoon? Why are we putting up with behavior that we would not countenance from a 5 year old?

I was no fan of George Bush- either of them, or Ronald Reagan. I  have had little use for most of the ultra conservative politicians. But I know that while I disagreed with their political stances, they are good men who acted out of conscience. They never incited people to revolt out of hatred and bias. And non of them would have allowed this to happen.

Like so many I have found myself sad and without adequate words. But I know that this sadness and silence can exist no more. I have mourned for a few days and now I have to find a way to translate my feelings into action. It starts tomorrow.