My wrist is back and so is my excitement. Years ago I saw a beautiful piece of fabric created by Jayne Willoughby at the Crow Barn. It was so dynamic and had so much energy and I fell in love with it. I had a very vague idea of what I wanted to do with it, and I asked Jayne if I might buy it from her. Well, if you know Jayne you know she is one of the most generous sharing souls that walk this earth, and she said that if I promised I would use it, I could have it for free.

Original painted surface by Jayne Scott Willoughby
That piece has haunted me for about three years. It is so strong on its own, and I wanted to make sure that anything I did to it would improve it. I recently wrote to Jayne to make sure she still felt comfortable with me using the piece, and she said yes. And I started my first piece of collaboration.

I have been toying with doing a piece on memory- rather loss of memory- for a while. I am experiencing this with my mom- right now and it is painful to see how memories fade in and out. Short term memory is fleeting while long term memory seems to be in tack for the most part. As for me, it is sad and a bit terrifying to witness. I find myself alternating between being very patient and then incredibly impatient. It has been especially hard to see my mom- who was a role model and an intensely creative individual slow down and abandon many of her artistic pursuits.

The piece I am working on right now addresses that.

But while it is difficult for me to deal with many of these emotions, it is exhilarating to work on a new piece that has a new element... a painted background on a cotton linen. I love the way Jayne's texture and brush strokes play off my tight lines.

This is still a work very much in progress and I have some ideas on how to quilt this that hopefully will add to the depth. Immersing myself in my work helps me and lets me concentrate on the good memories.

by JudyK