I've disappeared

Yes, I know a good blogger should write much more often than I have been. I've taken the easy way out and posted on Instagram and Facebook- which of course is not a substitute for writing. I guess I just have been too busy with my work.

Some good news- I am appearing in 2 shows this week. I will have 2 pieces in a show called Handcrafted: Fiber Art and Turned Wood, and I will have 4 pieces in a show, Off the Grid, Contemporary Fiber and Textile Art. The shows are in two local galleries but I feel like I broke a few barriers here. In the first case I really like the juror from the Textile Museum and like the fact that this is not a quilt show. The two pieces I am showing have not been seen, one from the Conflict series and one from The Day After series. In the second show I was asked by a curator to show 4 pieces from my Indigo series. I am really excited to show this work and see what the reactions are. I continue to plow on working in this series- but tentatively. I feel like I need to get feedback. That perhaps is one of the hardest parts of not being at the Barn for a while. I miss the critiques not only from Nancy, but also the other classmates. I do send a lot of my work to Robin Fan and we are good critics of each others work- tough enough to get the job done, but gentle. I know Robin's input has helped me tremendously.

I have tried to be more thoughtful about where I enter my work and have been tremendously frustrated by some of the size limitations. Some of my pieces are just wider than 72"!
I am working on a large scale and know that sometimes the work will never been seen. I'm not happy about that... but it does push me to try and get some one woman shows.

My daily routine is pretty much the same no matter what day it is. I have been putting in 8-10 hour days yet things are taking much longer. My decision to hand quilt one piece is really eating into time. I am currently in quilting hell and have to find a way to finish the pieces AND work in some time for new designs. Yet everyday I am amazed at how quickly the time flies by. It is 4pm before I even know it, and another day has passed.

I am trying to make time for yoga and for my indoor bike. And I am happy to say that I am doing it! I do not expect the pounds to fly off- but at least I am trying to stay healthy.